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Search Code Enforcement case records for properties within unincorporated Lake County. For cases within municipal limits, please contact the appropriate municipality. Our webpage will only provide Code Case information for Unincorporated properties with in Lake County, Florida. Any properties located within a City or Town Municipality will have their own Code Enforcement (see below).

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Status Definitions

  • Any - Provides Results for All Status
  • CANCEL - Complainant Cancelled Complaint Submitted
  • DUPLICATE = Duplicate of Existing Case
  • HEARING = Processing for public hearing
  • NO VIOLATION = No Violation
  • OPEN = Under Investigation
  • ORDER = An order of enforcement applies
  • ORDER OF FINE = Fines accessed
  • CLOSE = Violation is Closed
  • REFFERED = Referred to Other Agency
  • RSLVONS = Resolved On Site
  • UNVERIFIABLE - Unable to initiate an investigation per Florida Statute Chapter 162
  • WTR BRO = Water Brochure Provided