Lake County, Florida


Commodity Code(s): 961-63, 650-00, 805-00

Open Market Existing Contract
Original Modified
RFQ No: Q2024-00048
Due Date: 1/26/2024 at 3 p.m.
This RFQ is closed.
Pre-Proposal Conference: Not Applicable
Permitting/Licensing Required: No
RFQ Contact
Name: Gretchen Bechtel
Phone: (352) 343-9765
Email: [email protected]
Terms and conditions governing this quotation are attached hereto. Insurance requirements, if applicable, are also attached hereto as part of this document. As this price request constitutes an inquiry, and not an order, it implies no obligation to purchase on the part of Lake County.

Tennis & Pickleball Nets for Various County Parks

All prices submitted are to be on the form below in accordance with all terms and conditions set forth in this Request for Quotation. Prices quoted should be in unit of measure shown. Any award resulting from this RFQ will be made to the responsive, responsible vendor which offers the lowest price on an aggregate basis. If award is noted to be made on an aggregate basis, any vendor response that fails to include pricing for all items may be rejected. Per Section 287.05701, Florida Statutes, the County will not request documentation of or consider a vendor's social, political, or ideological interests when determining if the vendor is a responsible vendor.

Prices shall be quoted F.O.B. Destination – inside delivery, freight included and shall be inclusive of all costs. Current and/or anticipated applicable fuel costs should be considered and included in the price quoted.

Delivery of items is to be within 30 days after any purchase order is issued.

Supporting Documents

Below are supporting documents that have been added to this RFQ. Please be sure to review these documents prior to responding to this RFQ.

DescriptionDetailsQuantityUnit of MeasureUnit PriceExtended Price
Furnish, deliver & off-loading External Rachet Post Putterman Brandset for tennis 1Each $______________ $______________
Furnish, deliver & off-loading External rachet Posts Putterman Brand sets for pickleball 2Each $______________ $______________
Furnish, deliver & off-loading of Edwards Brand Pickleball Nets 10Each $______________ $______________
Furnish, deliver & off-loading of Edwards Double 40 LS Tennis Nets

 Delivery Location:

Office of Parks and Water Resources

27341 State Road #19

Tavares, FL 32778

10Each $______________ $______________
Total Price: ___________________________

Specifications and/or Special Conditions

Edwards Double 40 LS Brand, 42' long , center height 36", 3.5 mm black braided knotless nylon netting, center strap, or approved equal

Edwards Brand 22' long, 36" high, 3.5mm clack braided knotless nylon netting or approved equal

Putterman Brand external ratchet posts set, 36" posts, green or approved equal

Putterman Brand external ratchet post set, 39" posts, green, or approved equal.

See attached photo for reference

Addendum No. 1

Q1. Will an approved equal brand be accepted on this bid? 

R1. Yes, equal brand may be accepted to be approved by the County.


 Addendum No. 2

Q2.  Can you please tell me if there are any coatings/athletic surfacing for the courts?

R2. This solicitation is for the purchase of the product only.  No installation required.  The court surfaces are maintained by contracted vendors.


Ship and Bill To:

Lake County Parks & Water Resources Office
27341 State Road #19
Tavares, FL 34778

Certain insurance requirements apply to any purchase in response to this RFQ: No

If "yes" is specified above, the specific requirements are described within this RFQ. The vendor selected for award must provide a Certificate of Insurance that clearly complies with the stated insurance requirements prior to issuance of any purchase order. Failure to do so within the requested timeframe (five (5) working days under otherwise noted) may be cause for rejection of that vendor's response.




I acknowledge and agree to abide by all conditions contained in this quotation as well as any special instruction sheet(s) if applicable. Payment terms 30 Days from receipt of materials and/or services and receipt of a proper invoice; delivery FOB Destination – Inside Delivery.

Company Name ____________________________________ Signature ____________________________________
Address ____________________________________

Name/Title ____________________________________
Phone ____________________________________ Fax ____________________________________
Email ____________________________________ FEIN No _______-______________________ Date: ___________
Prompt payment discount: ______% if paid within ______ days.

Reciprocal Vendor Preference

Vendors are advised the County has established, under Lake County Code, Chapter 2, Article VII, Sections 2-221 and 2-222; a process under which a local vendor preference program applied by another county may be applied in a reciprocal manner within Lake County. The following information is needed to support application of the Code

Primary Business Location: City: _____________________________ State: ________
Does this business maintain a significant physical location in Lake County at which employees are located and business is regularly transacted? _____Yes _____No
If "yes", provide supporting detail: